Kindergarten and school

Kindergarten and school

State-run schools must educate all children irrespective of their residence status (includ- ing Sans-Papiers children). This applies to the compulsory nine years of schooling. Attendance at kindergarten is also compul- sory in some cantons.

In some cantons Sans-Papiers children may continue their education past the compulsory nine years. (e.g. high school or «Gymnasium»). Young Sans-Papiers individuals are not permitted to enter an apprenticeship, but a change in the law is planned.

Schools and teachers are not permitted to pass on any information about children to the police.

Tip: Teachers are confidants and therefore almost always show understanding for the diffi- cult situation in which Sans-Papiers children find themselves. Attend parents’ evenings and other events related to your child’s school. If you are afraid, bring someone along.