It may prove difficult to find accommodation without a valid residence permit. Sans- Papiers are often obliged to rent small over- priced apartments.

The easiest way to find an apartment is for a person residing legally to rent one on your behalf. But by doing so this person makes him-/herself liable to prosecution.

The landlord/lessor may not demand a price that exceeds the customary local rate. Additionally, the rent may not greatly exceed that of the previous tenant/leesee.

By law, a landlord/lessor must not demand more than three months’ rent as a deposit. If you pay your rent and cause no damages, the deposit will be returned to you when the accommodation is handed over. Demand a receipt for your deposit payment.

Tip: Ask the landlord/lessor to provide you with deposit/payment slips. Pay the rent under your name at the post office. You will then be given

a stamped receipt. Payment receipts are the best evidence that you have paid your rent and for subsequent claims on the landlord/lessor.

Tip: If the landlord/lessor demands too high a rent or refuses to refund your deposit, talk to someone at an information centre so that they may negoti- ate with him/her. If this does produce no results, you have the option in some cantons to take your case to an arbitration tribunal.